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  • Sweep, vacuum, and dry dust mop on a regular basis

  • Use cleaners recommended for no-wax wood floors

  • Wipe up spills immediately with a slightly dampened towel

At Brookens Wood Floors, we only install the best hardwood in your new or existing home. Once installed, there are some simple ways you need to remember to keep your floors in good working order.


Consider using thick-felt furniture glides and change them 1 to 4 times each year. You'll also want to keep your large dog's nails cut, since they can be harmful to wood.

It's simple to avoid indents and scratches in your new hardwood flooring. Maintain your floors by using our handy guide to "do's and don'ts" regarding your flooring. Our knowledgeable crew is happy to help you with any additional concerns.

Keep your hardwood

strong and scratch-free

Durability you can count on

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Easily help your floor

  • Wet-mop the wood floors

  • Dust mop with sprays

  • Use waxes, oils or acrylic polishes on wood floors, as they build up over time requiring expensive maintenance

  • Drag heavy objects on the floor

Avoid these techniques

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