Commercial flooring


Let us cater to your commercial flooring needs

When you need commercial flooring, there will be specific requirements for your space. Each need and preference plays a huge role in the successful outcome of your project. With the suitable materials and services, it will be an experience you'll enjoy and find helpful.

Understanding your needs and what's available is an excellent first step. It helps to know what to look for and how it will affect your bottom line. The good news is that plenty of options will work in every space, and we can help.

Where can you go for help?

A flooring store that understands commercial needs is the best place to shop. You can rest assured that the associates you work with know what you need and how to make it work. As a result, you can shop with confidence, no matter how large or small your remodel is.

We can help you assess your needs by taking inventory of what you need most. For example, you might need the best level of durability for heavy traffic and load-bearing. Or you might prefer a stunning surface that best matches your decor.



We're here to help

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What types of flooring are available?

There are lots of commercial flooring options that work well in your setting, and each of them creates a particular set of benefits that you're sure to find useful.

When you find the perfect flooring, we will discuss the installation process. We'll tell you what you can expect through the process, so there are no surprises. And we'll work to cut downtime through the installation as well.

Specific benefits to look for

Your commercial flooring should offer easy maintenance no matter which material you choose. However, cleaning these surfaces or hiring cleaners can create unnecessary added costs. We'll share even more tips when you're ready to select your flooring.
Commercial flooring in Springfield, IL from Brookens Wood Floors

We're here for your commercial flooring needs

Brookens Wood Floors is a flooring company in Springfield, IL, that works for you. When you have unique flooring needs, we step in to ensure they're met. And we'll work with you from start to finish on any size project.

Visit our showroom in Springfield, IL, to find the best commercial flooring. Our service areas include Springfield, IL, Jacksonville, IL, Decatur, IL, Lincoln, IL, and Bloomington, IL, and we'll work for you too. Stop by any time to get a remodel underway, and we'll work right alongside you.